Monday, September 27, 2010

What's in my bag?

Well, I'll just show you!
Roo over at Nice Girl Notes is hosting a link up party and she wants to know

What's in your bag?

{And if you haven't met Roo yet, GO. NOW. She is utterly hilarious! I promise you will love her.}

So, here is the bag:

Now, let's take a peek inside...

  • Loose change (odd that this was the only loose change in there)
  • Sephora OPI nail polish in "Go my own way"
  • Orly clear top coat nail polish
  • Not one, but TWO teasing combs (not sure why there's two...)
  • Bobby pins
  • Clinique mirror (free with gift, duh)
  • Grocery list
  • Vitamin pack
  • 6 pens (overkill, I know...but I only like this kind and this kind)
Phew! I don't think I have enough stuff in my bag...ha!
Head over to see what Roo and all the other ladies have in their bags!

Just go here:



  1. you are much neater than I when it comes to my purse. My is a huge pile of mess.

  2. Very cool! I love your wallet - it's so cute. It's nice to see a fellow Clinique lover too. :)
    I have a freebie stash under my counter that will keep me in moisturizer until I die. ha.

  3. Pen twins! Well, I'm a G2 05 kind of girl and you're obviously G2 07, but this is close enough to count.

    I keep nail polish in my bag, too, and I'm not sure why. I just a Clinique GWP mailing. I'm such a sucker for those.

    And your bag is cuuuute!

  4. I love how neat your purse is!

  5. ha love it! i'm so envious of how orderly your purse is. mine's a hot mess. no telling what's hiding in there. ha!


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