Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Skimp or Splurge: Suede Wedges

Wahoooo!  Another Skimp or Splurge edition!
I told y'all I have Autumn on my mind :)

So, tell me:  Would you skimp?

or splurge?

My personal choice?  I would totally skimp!  I mean, they are nearly identical!
And for Fall, I like the closed round toe look.
What about you??

P.S. - You'll never guess who I had lunch with today...more on that tomorrow!


  1. I like the Target shoe better anyway!

  2. I would skimp on this shoe. Love the J. Crew version but I think it's a tad too trendy with the open toe for the money.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. Get the Target version... or DSW has a great pair that I have my eye on.

  4. oh great find! i agree that the closed toe is preferable in fall anyway.

  5. I would totally skimp, then you can buy an outfit to go with the shoes!!

  6. Love the Target shoes. They are so pretty in person!

  7. I would definitely skimp. They're practically the same shoe in my eyes!

  8. okay, here's my beef with shoes. Sometimes, you pay for what you get and they are cheap and painful, but sometimes you pay more and they are just painful.
    So, it depends on how each feels and then i would decide! :)



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