Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog Award and I was featured (again!)

I am seriously on cloud nine people!
Not only was I featured by Tatertots & Jello yesterday, but I received
a blog award AND a feature today!  I am just so excited!!!

The beautiful blogger award was given to me by Kayla over at
Ramblings of a Small Town Girl.  I have so enjoyed reading her blog and
getting to know her through the blog world!  She has an awesome sense of
style!  So hop on over and check her out if you haven't already!

7 facts about yours truly ;)

1.  I am the middle child and only girl - and the only granddaughter on my mother's side.
2.  I played volleyball for ten years and still love getting out there and playing when I can!
3.  I am a sucker for animals!  Growing up I took in all the stranded and abandoned animals 
I could find - to the dismay of my mother.  If I could I would adopt all the rescue animals!
4.  I wear dresses just about everyday, even in winter.  Rarely will you find me in pants
unless I can wear jeans with a sweatshirt or fleece :)
5.  I am addicted to the TV show Criminal Minds and Ghost Whisperer.  Don't judge.
6.  I would love to live in a city where I could walk everywhere!  I dream of the day
the I am able to walk out my front door and everything is within walking distance.
7.  My dream ever since I was a little girl was to star on Broadway.
I've been singing my entire life and I've always wanted to drop everything
I'm doing, move to NY and try and make it big!  Oh to dream :)

I am passing this award along to the following lovely ladies...

Sid @ So.Chic

So, I mentioned I was featured, too!

Heather & Jessica over at Saving Money & Living Life featured
my free printable calendar!  Shear excitement ladies!
I can't tell you how many freebies and deals I've gotten thanks to
these bargain savvy women!  Hop over and check out all the others featured!
And link up your project, too!

Happy Friday!!


  1. Love your facts. Drop everything and run to NYC girl! Congrats on the feature.

  2. Awww, thanks so much for including me!! I loved learning a little more about you. And I would love to be wherever your hot weather is!!


  3. Love, love, LOVE your blog!! So fresh and adorable!!

    I'm from Boost My Friday-Blog Hop. I am now your humble follower.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Candice @ rattles and redheads

  4. Thanks for the shout out! You are too sweet!!


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