Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crewcuts = Adorableness!

I don't have any children (don't worry Mom, I will one day), but If I did I think I
would have to put them in adorable little outfits like those from Crewcuts.

Look at these miniature ensembles for little girls...


And for little boys...

Seriously, I can't take it.  They are too cute!
I'm going out to find a small child to buy these clothes for...
Was that too creepy?
These clothes are so cute they're messing with my mind!

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  1. I die for the little taupe dress!

    Love the new signature, it's very YOU!

  2. I would wear some of those dresses if I could...How cute!

  3. um, so cute. i would wear that pink ruffle dress myself.


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