Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bagel Love

If you ask anyone in my family they will tell you I am a bagel fiend!
I could eat a bagel every single day - that is if I wouldn't gain massive amounts of
weight brought on by the bready goodness and the glorious cream cheese :)

Last week while shopping at Publix I came across Ray's New York Bagels...
I had never tried them, but since they were buy one-get one free I figured
hey, why not!

(photo source here)

I picked up the Everything Bagels and I must say, they are TASTY!
They taste like they are fresh from the bakery!

Just wanted to fill y'all in on this little slice of bagel heaven!
You can find them in the freezer section!  Go here to see where to buy!

And no, I didn't get anything from mentioning them here...
Although, I wouldn't say no if they offered me free bagels for life ;)

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