Monday, September 13, 2010

Too funny not to share :)

This may be the funniest situation I've been a part of in quite some time...
Here is how my Sunday started:

After putting a load of towels in the wash, I walked back into my bedroom
to see that I had missed a call from one of my dear friends, Katie.

I listened to her voicemail which was rushed and simply stated,
"Hey it's Katie!  Call me when you get this!"

I immediately called her back.  She said she was at the farmer's market next to
my place and saw a fireplace mantle on the side of the road...YES THATS RIGHT.

I threw some clothes on headed to the farmers market and we sped off
to the site of the unclaimed mantle - which was located in the garbage
at a storage facility!  The garbage I tell you!  I know, shocking!!

We hopped out of the car and began to assess the were
we going to fit the mantle in Katie's her small car...her jetta.

During the process of figuring out how in the heck this huge mantle
was going to fit in the car, we found ourselves laughing so hard we
were nearly in tears!  Katie managed to catch an action shot of me...

This photo was right before I found myself saying,
"Oh! I think it's going to fit!  Maybe if I just move it this way..."
And then I got stuck between the mantle and the car door and I had
to climb out shimmy myself out from underneath the mantle!

Let me just tell you, laughter ensued!
I'm sure the cars passing were thinking "What the heck?"
Although I know you would be thinking "Those lucky girls!!"

After about 25 minutes of running back and forth between the side
of the car and the trunk we FINALLY figured it out...

Yep, that's the mantle hanging out the window!
But at least we got the trunk shut, haha!

If only Katie had gotten a shot of me on the way back...
my knees were practically in the dashboard, ha!!

So, you want to see a full shot of the beauty?

Thank you Katie for an exciting and hilarious start to my Sunday!!!
I hope this story started off everyones Monday with a smile! :)


  1. Lol, I can only imagine how hilarious it would've been to watch you and your friend try to load a mantle in a small car! :)The mantle is gorgeous and totally worth it!

  2. wow, what a great mantle! and now you'll think of that fun afternoon every time you enjoy it.

  3. OMG I am so jealous! Such a lucky find! It looks like you had way too much fun getting that in the car lol.

  4. Oh gosh that is too funny. I can just see you driving down the road with that sticking out of your car!!!
    And what a great find! The mantle is gorgeous. Lucky you! ;)

  5. oh too funny!! it's gorgeous what an awesome find!!

  6. Could Katie be my long lost daughter as well??

  7. That is so funny! What a great memory and a beautiful mantle!

  8. Oh that is just gorgeous! I would have done anything I could to fit it in as well!!


  9. hi,this is katie's mother...what a treasure,true friendship & laughter along the way,the two of you are so blessed! what a beautiful mantle,onea loss is definitly anothers gain!


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