Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm about to get honest here people.  And it may not be pretty.
Winter has done a number on my feet - cracked heels, dry patches.  It's horrible!
My feet were in dire need of a nice spa pedicure, but since finances are a little
tight after the holidays I was so glad to get this little gem in my Christmas stocking...

This stuff is the bees-knees (I know.  I'm too funny for words, right?).
Seriously though, this stuff is my new stand by.  I live for it.  I die for it.
It has the most amazing aroma - coconut with peppermint. Yummmmm.
It's a thick, creamy gel (the same consistency as honey) that goes on smooth.

Before I go to bed I put it all over my feet where the trouble spots are and
put on nice, clean, cotton socks.  Then drift into a nice deep sleep...
After one use I was uh-mazed by the results.  No cracks.  No dry patches.
This is miracle foot creme people.  I hardly have words to express my love for it.
Your feet will thank you for it a million times over.  I promise :)


  1. I have the EXACT same issue with my feet, and I've always prided myself on my baby-soft feet! What is it ... is it that I'm getting older? I don't understand. I will put this on my list of things to buy TODAY!

  2. Oh yes....I definitely need some of this!! Thanks for sharing Kelley!

  3. You speak the truth! This is the only stuff that works for me!


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