Thursday, December 30, 2010

I need YOU!

Okay guys, I need your input.
I purchased this dress from Anthropologie for an upcoming event:

Don't you just love it?  I do.  And it's even prettier in person.  *Swoon!*
I will be attending the Ladies Luncheon, which is the luncheon the first lady of Alabama
(the Governor's wife) hosts when the newly elected Governor takes office in January.

I already have a few ideas on how I want to style it, but I also wanted your input!
What would you pair this dress with?  What make-up would you wear?  Tights?  No tights?
I know y'all are creative and super stylish so I'm depending on you to give me some ideas.
So, give me some ideas ladies!  And thank you in advance!  :)


  1. No tights and maybe some black peep toes :)

  2. Well, stockings if you need to stay warm. Perhaps solid black or navy?

    This dress is absolutely beautiful, it will be flattering on you for sure! (I would definitelu rock it!)

  3. I think it is too pretty for tights, but maybe if it is cold thick stockings in black would be super cute. I second the Peep toes!

  4. Gorgeous dress! I can't tell whether the pattern is black or navy, but if it's cold, I would go for tights of the correct color. I feel like something red would also jazz it up. Maybe red lips. Simple necklace that lays close to the neck (not a tight choker, though). Are you planning on something for your arms? Maybe a pretty pashmina or cardigan?

  5. Love the dress! It's adorable. I would go sans tights with some cute heels. Peep toes certainly would look great!

  6. I would definitely keep jewelry to a minimum since the dress has such a nice pattern and detailing to it. Maybe a simple and feminine bracelet and simple earrings. Love the peep-toe idea! I would do hair down since the neckline is large.
    Very pretty dress!


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