Friday, December 3, 2010

Pretty in Plaid

Dress - Anthropologie
Top - TJ Maxx
Boots - Steve Madden Intyce in Cognac
Gray Tights - DKNY via Marshall's
Earrings - Anthropologie

I put this dress in my 30 for 30 remix because I wanted to wear it more
and because it's ridiculously comfortable.  And this is its debut!
I love the pattern and fabric - it's like a silky taffeta.  And it has pockets!
I've been on a boot kick this week ever since our weather turned frigid.
Okay, it's really not that cold compared to other places, but when you
go from having 70ยบ F on Thanksgiving to low 30s it's pretty drastic.

And since it was cold out today I got to wear my new coat :)

And it's confirmed - I LOVE IT!!

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  1. What a lovely dress - can't believe it only made its debut today. You look very pretty.

  2. I adore your coat so much:) Such a pretty outfit

  3. So cute! I love love love taffeta. Makes a girl feel glam.

  4. That dress is fantastic! I'm loving this outfit! Our cold weather here has my on a boot kick too! And your coat is super cute too! :)


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