Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Christmas made me a bad blogger.  Can you ever forgive me?
Traveling between two states and dodging snow storms wore me out!
Here are a few pictures from the crazy snow we got in the South...

This snow wasn't like the normal snow we see around here. Normally, it snows and
it's all melted by the next day. No, no. This snow stuck around like a bad cold.
It still has not all melted and it's been 4 days. Let's just say driving in this weather
wasn't fun. Us Southerners aren't equipped for cold.  Or snow.  Or driving.  Just kidding.

Our dogs are also not equipped for dealing with the stress of driving in the snow...

Maddie leads such a stressful life.  Her favorite toy at the moment is Rupert the rabbit
(or he used to be a rabbit until she chewed both of his ears off.  Now he looks like a
chipmunk or a squirrel), which you can see is keeping her company on our road trip.
Oh what a life.

I spent most of my holiday cuddling up on the couch right here  & enjoying the fire...

My Christmas was fantastic.  I feel so truly blessed.  I have an amazing
family and wonderful friends that I got to spend time with over the holiday.
How was your holiday?  Did you get any snow?  Did you get any good gifts?
I hope your holiday was as good as mine :)

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  1. i think Christmas made everyone a bad blogger! i am still catching up...


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