Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mad Hatter

I grabbed lunch on Friday with sweet Amanda and we hit up a few boutiques!
I ended up buying this adorable slouchy knit hat in the most amazing mustard color.
Oh, and I got my hair done on Friday.  Is it just me or is getting your hair done the
most relaxing thing in the world?  I always feel so much better when my hair is
freshly cut and highlighted.  Notice the new bangs?  I really like them :)


  1. Love the bangs AND the hat! Both are too cute.

  2. The new 'do looks great! Love the bangs!

  3. love this pic! cute new look :)

  4. That hat is so cute! I have been thinking of picking up a fun slouchy knit hat :)

  5. Had such a fun shopping day with you! :) Your hat is too cute, love this pic. :) Let's get together again soon! xoxo


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