Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Country Living Green Home

Country Living has done it again! Have you seen their 2010 Home of the Year?
It's a eco-friendly modular green home that they built in the center of
downtown Manhatten!  Amazing, huh?  Just take a look for yourself...

Such a beautiful home!  And it's green to boot!
Be sure to check out the rest of the home at Country Living online.
*all images via country living


  1. looks stunning..I really love the frame wall:) Happy day,sweetie

    ps: I am hosting a sweet necklace GIVEAWAY today :) ... Please, join in!

  2. Actually, this house looks super amazing. I really wish my closet was built like that! I want my husband to jump on it. NOW!

  3. beautiful open shelving, and imagine the surprise to find something like that in the middle of Manhattan!

  4. That is crazy, and right down the block from where my BF used to work. I want to visit!

  5. LOVE this! I'll take one, please!


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