Saturday, March 27, 2010

TGIF!!! Even though I have to work tomorrow...

I'm an event coordinator (have I told you that?) and
it requires a lot of additional hours at the office
at odd times and lots of weekends.

But the bonus is that once in a while I get events
where I get to go check on things....and SHOP!

I have to admit, it was quite difficult to stick
with my "No buying clothing until I lose 10 lbs rule"...
But I did it!  And I'm pretty proud of myself :)

I did buy this great travel bag to put all my toiletries in:

(It looks way bigger in this picture than it really is!)

I always have the problem when I travel I'll have 3 separate
little bags with all my toiletries in them (makeup, shampoo,
hairdryer, etc...) and I'm having to lug them all to the bathroom.

Well, not anymore kiddos!!
(And a bonus?  The inside of the bag is a pretty coral color!)

On to decorating...I'm on a decorating kick!

I've been visiting the Southern Living website
and looking for decorating ideas.

Do you ever visit their website?

If you love light, airy rooms with neautrals and
splashes of color along with creative ideas...
You'll LOVE their website and magazine!

Here are a few pictures that inspire me...

I am dying to make a fabric headboard and Kate from
Centsational Girl made one and was nice enough to share
the tutorial with everyone!  Check it out here!

Aren't these colors spectacular?!?!

I love this tablescape for Easter...

And these place cards are right up my alley!

I love the colors in this floral arrangement.  Nothing brightens up a
room and adds a dose of femininity like a fresh bouquet of flowers...

I think this is such a sweet baby room for those people
who don't want gender specific decor...I gotta say, I love it!

So I'd love to know...
What inspires your decorating ideas?
What kind of style do you have?

P.S. - I have TWO great projects I've completed to show you.
And I'm super excited about it!  :)


  1. Hey Kelley,
    Thank you so much for signing up for my giveaway. YOU are gorgeous and so is your blog, I love it when you girls leave a link to your blogs on my comments, I can't wait to follow you. I am now a happy follower. Good luck on my giveaway and thank you for signing up and becoming a follower!
    Take Care,

  2. Thank you so much Maria! I can't get enough of your blog! Now I'm going to cross my fingers and hope I win your giveaway! :)


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