Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Forward

Time to Spring forward!  I can't stand losing an hour, but I love that this time change has my mind on SPRING!

With my mind buzzing with thoughts of spring dresses, sandals and sunshine I thought I would share some of Spring items I've had my eye on...

(Denim Cut-off Shorts at J. Crew)

I love these denim shorts from J. Crew.  These would be a great Spring and Summer staple to pair with a cotton tee, a lightweight cardigan and some cute sandals.

(Jersey Tube Sundown Gown at Old Navy)

(Chandani Elephant Charms Necklace at Shop Ruche)

I'm in desperate need of a black Summer dress that's comfortable and versatile like this one!  I would pair it with some wedges or gold sandals and a long gold necklace with a pendant or charms like this one.
(Miss Sixty 'Sloan' Sandal at Nordstrom)

I adore these tan leather wedges!  They are the perfect height for a little lift, but won't kill your feet if your walking or standing for any length of time.

(Grasslands Dress at Anthropologie)

(Sun Dot Dress at Anthropologie)

(Snow-Covered Fields Dress at Anthropologie)

(Stamp Art Dress at Anthropologie)

I can't get enough of these dresses!  If only I had an unlimited budget...

On the subject of Spring and clothing...I'm trying to lose some weight.  I don't consider myself big, but I'm definitely not as small like I used to be.  So this Spring I will be kicking into high-gear to lose some pounds and inches.  I just want to feel comfortable in anything I choose to wear...and not feel like I'm wearing maternity clothing.

I'm a size 8 right now which is depressing when a year and a half ago I was wearing a size 4.  I was out of town two weeks ago and the day I got back I got sick for a week so I haven't been able to workout.  But this coming week will be the beginning of my workout and weight loss extravaganza!!

I've been doing zumba - which is this AWESOME aerobics class inspired by Latin dance.  It totally kicks my butt just about every time...and I love it!  If you haven't tried it, you definitely need to!  So, i'll be doing that twice a week and working out another 2 or 3 days a week doing weights and either another aerobics class or some other form of cardio.

I really need someone or something to keep me motivated and help me maintain my enthusiasm about working out and getting trim...So my dearest blog, you are it!

Time to hit the sack and get my mind and body motivated for a great workout tomorrow...wish me luck!

P.S. - I have a few projects I'm going to be doing in the next week that I'm really excited about! :)

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