Monday, March 22, 2010

Little of this, little of that

My third spin class was tonight and I must say I am
becoming more and more addicted!
I feel so refreshed after such an intense work out!
I mean who couldn't work it out while listening
to Pearl Jam and the Rolling Stones?!?!

Anyway, I have made a vow to myself that I will not buy
any clothing (excluding shoes & accessories) until I lose 10 lbs.
Ya hear that, Mom?
That's right.  I will NOT buy any clothing until
those "L" "B's" are long gone!

But since I can buy shoes, I bought these babies yesterday...
They were only $19.99 at Target!!
I have to admit though, my friend Miranda had them first.
They looked so darling on her feet I had to scoop them up for myself!
They have them in several colors, too!

I just wish it would stop raining/snowing long
enough here for me to wear them!

While we're talking about Target I have to say I am
in LOVE with their Liberty of London line!

I mean just look at this gorgeous bedding...

(click here to view on Target's website)

And what about these mixing bowls??


And even though I'm not purchasing any
clothing it's still nice to look...

And this sweet little number has darling pleats...

Once the first 10 lbs are gone I may just have to make a trip to Target!

On another note, I've been wanting to change things up in my bedroom.
You know, add some details and switch up some things...

I think the small details make all the difference.
Like these sweetly trimmed pillowcases by Martha Stewart...

I will definitely be trying this soon!

I already have a mantle as my headboard and I think the
next step will be to put fabric in the empty space like this...

(click here to get the tutorial from Martha Stewart online)

I'm also wanting to add some soft details to my bathroom.
I have some ideas in mind already and hopefully I can get some of those
done in the next few weeks so I can share pictures with you all!

The next few pictures are just some pictures from Martha that I love...
(yeah, we're on a first name basis)

It looks like I'll be busy with my sewing machine
and all this inspiration for the next few weeks!

Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their week :)


  1. Hey Kelly - I just stumbled across your blog, and I really like it! If you're looking to change up your bedding, this is something that really served me well: I bought a white spread and white shams, and then whenever the mood to change things up strikes me, I change out throw pillows or I put a new cute patterned table cloth at the foot of the bed. It lets me change my mind all the time for little money!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment Katy! I have been debating on whether to get white bedding...since my dog has black fur, haha. But I'm thinking the time has come to go with white bedding and shams and just invest in a designated "dog blanket" and a really good vacuum cleaner :) Thanks again for reading and commenting!


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