Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fantastic Weekend

What a great weekend!
Bowling with friends on Friday and then a hike on Saturday!

Here's a few pictures of our hike...

My dog Maddie on her first hike

She was more into the hike than I was, haha!

The view from the top

Maddie and Me

Another view from the top

End of the hike!  Time to load up!

Maddie it was time for a bath!

She HATES baths.

But apparently she decided to just lay there
even after the bath was over!

It was a FANTASTIC weekend!!!
I need more weekends like this...minus the dog bath :)

Hope everyone had just as good of a weekend as I did!


  1. Had a great time with you guys!
    Glad Saturday was pretty for your hike!

  2. We had a great time too! Next time Drew better be there! Saturday was perfect for a hike...not too hot and a little overcast! :)


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