Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Got picture frames?

I've known about this website for a while now
and it has been my little decorating secret.
Now its time to share it with you!

Vintage Printable is an awesome website that allows you to print off these great vintage prints for FREE!!!!

Here are some of the prints I love...

I have this first one hanging in my bedroom in this awesome rustic
wood frame I picked up at Hobby Lobby (love me some Hobby Lobby!)

and I love the chocolate brown in this one!

This nest is so simple and feminine. LOVE!

And I love the different shades of taupe, blue & green in this one...

These type letters are fabulous!
I'm semi-obsessed with typography :)
(I'll have to post pictures of my giant typewriter art)

I think this lemon print would look great in a kitchen.
Maybe even my friend Katie's soon-to-be revamped kitchen...

And a little something for St. Patrick's day!

Vintage Printable has so many different types of prints from
fruits and vegetables to every type of animal you could imagine!

You might even try printing your favorite ones out and
putting some mod podge on it to make it look like
there are brush strokes on the print.
I'll have to give it a try too!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!
I'll be heading to spin class tomorrow after work...
Don't worry I bought myself a nice, soft seat cover  :)


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  2. Nice blog Kelley! Keep pedaling...that should be your slogan. In fact you could turn this into a motivation program and have all kinds of shirts, etc...the sky is the limit! Now if I could only figure out how to apply it to the kitchen you so nicely referred to... ;)

    By the way, I am proud to be the first to leave you a comment.

  3. The Roy-ster is commenting on your blog!!
    How cool do you feel right now!

    Thanks for the website, I found a great pic for OUR kitchen!!

  4. Thanks Rory! I'm thinking "Keep Pedaling" will be my motto! I'm liking the comments!

    Miranda, I'm so glad you found a picture! There are tons to sift through, but its worth it!


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