Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Away in Knoxville

The boyfriend and I finally got to spend time together this weekend!
Our favorite college football game of the year is Alabama vs. Tennessee,
so off we headed to Knoxville to enjoy time with each other, friends and football!

On the road in North Alabama!  I love the mountains :)

Crossing into enemy territory Tennessee.

Heading into downtown Knoxville!

Then we made our way on campus!
I really love the UT campus.  Just look the view from our {first} tailgating spot!

Since the Tennessee River is right there people can take a boat to the game!
Can you imagine?  Taking a boat to a college football game!

I made sure to get a picture of me and the boyfriend {while I still had fresh make-up on!}

The amount of orange was ridiculous insane.  They even had orange port-a-potties!
I mean, really?

Then we saw this in the air...

I hope Nancy said yes to Carl!

Off to the {second} tailgating spot!

Yes, that's a TV that takes up the entire back end of that van.
We're serious about our tailgating down here!
We caught the tail end of the Vol walk...

Then we headed off to Neyland Stadium to watch the Tide roll over the Volunteers!

Watching Alabama's Million Dollar Band during halftime...

UT's band does this thing called "circle"...every. single. game.
Some call it tradition...I call it crazy ;)

Here are a few shots of the field...

We won! Alabama 41 - Tennessee 10

We had such a blast this weekend!
It was so great to get away and spend time with each other and wonderful friends :)

And this is the sweet face we came home to...

How was everyone else's weekend?
Did anyone else head out to cheer on their favorite team?


  1. Love your blog (I've been secretly stalking it)- and really loved all your Knoxville pics! I live in Knoxville so it was fun to see your perspective of it :)

    The UT band just performs circle drill once every year- it's a ridiculously complex marching drill and they always do it one time in the fall. Everyone looks forward to it because it's insane looking! We aren't crazy enough to do it every game :)

  2. That looks and sounds like a one amazing weekend,sweetie
    I love your dog too...Look at those eyes...awww
    Happy Monday

  3. looks like such a fun time! what an exciting game.

  4. Knoxville looks beautiful! That was a lot of orange! Glad we won and you had fun. Roll Tide!

  5. Oh no you're a Alabama fan! I don't think I can follow you anymore ;) And UT in Texas is the only UT that matters. (even if it's a really rough year to be a fan)

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  6. Looks ilke it was so much fun! We went to Knoxville for a wedding a few years ago, and we actually ate two meals in the restaurant on the top floor of that building with the green roof by the bridges that you showed in one of the first few pictures. It was a yummy place to eat ... I remember it had a great brunch!

  7. My friend just went to her homecoming game at ECU this past weekend. I wish I had gone to a bigger school so I could partake in events like this! Looks like an fabulous time! :o)

    ps - love the outfit

  8. Hahaha, orange port-a-potties!!! What a FUN trip!! I went to college in Colorado and so the "taking a boat to the game" really threw me off!! Haha, how strange! Really great pictures! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!! =)

  9. Looks like y'all had fun! It is always more fun to win a road game!! I've never been to a football game in Knoxville. We went to the NCAA basketball tournament YEARS ago when Auburn was good.

    I love that you posted pictures of port-o-potties!

  10. OMGoodness, you are one of THE cutest people I've ever seen (and read blogs from)! Visited here from :)

    (Love your boots, by the way.)


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