Monday, October 4, 2010

Five Faves Linky Party!

When I shared my favorite items with you I received a comment
from Roo over at Nice Girl Notes suggesting I make this into a link-up party...
SO I AM!! :)

Here again are a few of my favorite things right now...

1. John Frieda Lavish Lift Root Booster
Holy volume batman! As a good Southern lady I need some "ooomph"
added to my hair. I cannot stand to have dull, drab, lifeless hair. Who can?
This lifts my roots and adds that bit of va-va-voom I'm looking for!

2. Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Milk
Don't get me wrong, I love a nice glass of milk with my sweets as much
as the next girl, but sometimes I want to have a glass of something that's
not water, soda or juice - and this is what I've been grabbing recently!
And since it's soy free I'm all for it - don't get me started on the dangers of soy.

3. "Playa del Platinum" by Essie
I love this color. Seriously. Seriously.
It's one of those "I could marry this nail polish I love it so much" moments.
Excuse me while me and my nail polish go make googly eyes at each other.
4. American Eagle Skinny Jean in Deep Indigo
These jeans are a God-send. They have just enough stretch in them so that
I don't feel like I'm all bound up like a mummy, but they still keep their shape
keeping me curves looking curvy - not lumpy. Everyone, meet my favorite jeans.

5. Clinique Uplighting Liquid Illuminator
This stuff is the shiz. That's right, I said shiz. I mix the tiniest amount in
with my foundation and it gives me an all day glow! So when 2 o'clock hits
I don't look like I've been drug through a dirt ditch - even if I feel like I have ;)

Now it's your turn!
I want to know what your five faves are right now!
It can be anything from coffee to baby rattles to chapstick!
So link up ladies!!!!  I can't wait to see your faves!!


  1. Love this post! I need to try that Root Booster & Clinique Illuminator.

  2. I have a favorites post scheduled for Wednesday... it's 6 things though :]

  3. now i'm going to have to try that almond milk! i tried soy milk only once and ugh! totally not loving it, so maybe i'll give this a go. great list!

  4. I am definitely going to have to try the root lifter and the nail polish!

  5. Thanks for telling me about the linky party! I also use the root booster and it works great.


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