Friday, October 8, 2010


Have you missed me?
I've been in a blogging funk the past few days.
Do you ever get that way?
Well I'm still out here :)
And hopefully I'll feel refreshed after this weekend and be my crafty, blogging self again!

But I did want to share a few photos in my inspiration file with
you just to ensure that I'm still on your good side *wink* ;)

photo via houzz

photo via houzz

photo via decorology

photo via design*sponge

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
I hope the weather stays as nice this weekend as it's been all week!


  1. I actually have the 3rd and 4th picture in my inspiration file. Love it.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Why yes I do! It's always ups and downs, hope you have a good weekend recharging!


  3. I LOVE that second photo with the picture collage. Beautiful!! I hope this weekend restores you and gets you back in the blogging groove : )


    Ps-random wierdness: my boss is also Kelly Blake but she spells it without the second 'e'!

  4. Oh, LOVE that fridge! Hope you're feeling more yourself soon! I know what you mean though. Somedays I just don't feel it at all. So take a little break! We'll all be here when you come back! (easier said than done, eh?)

  5. I go through a blogging funk about once a month. My head goes from being filled with 100 things to write about right down to zero. This too shall pass. ;)

  6. I'm in a funk too. Love the inspiration!


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