Monday, October 4, 2010

A few of my favorite things

I thought I would take a minute and tell you about a few things I'm digging these days...

Holy volume batman!  As a good Southern lady I need some "ooomph"
added to my hair.  I cannot stand to have dull, drab, lifeless hair.  Who can?
This lifts my roots and adds that bit of va-va-voom I'm looking for!

Don't get me wrong, I love a nice glass of milk with my sweets as much
as the next girl, but sometimes I want to have a glass of something that's
not water, soda or juice - and this is what I've been grabbing recently!
And since it's soy free I'm all for it - don't get me started on the dangers of soy.

I love this color.  Seriously.  Seriously.
It's one of those "I could marry this nail polish I love it so much" moments.
Excuse me while me and my nail polish go make googly eyes at each other.

These jeans are a God-send.  They have just enough stretch in them so that
I don't feel like I'm all bound up like a mummy, but they still keep their shape
keeping me curves looking curvy - not lumpy.  Everyone, meet my favorite jeans.

This stuff is the shiz.  That's right, I said shiz.  I mix the tiniest amount in
with my foundation and it gives me an all day glow!  So when 2 o'clock hits
I don't look like I've been drug through a dirt ditch - even if I feel like I have ;)

These are just a few of my favorite things right now.
What are yours?  Do we like any of the same items?

I hope each of you are having a wonderful Monday!
I will be pulling a 12 hour work day today - yikes!
Needless to say I will have a nice tall glass of vino waiting for me when I get home :)


  1. American Eagle has the only jeans that fit me well. I like their Favorite Boyfriend and Artist jeans.

    I am ordering the Clinique Illuminator right now!!

  2. Kelley, you should totally make this a meme! I'd link up. :D

  3. I am loving those skinny jeans:) Happy Monday,sweetie


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