Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pretty little baby

I had to share my recent find with y'all.

Isn't she gorgeous?  I thought so, too ;)
I picked her up at Marshall's on Tuesday for $40 bucks.
I like it so much I laid it on my bedside table and stared at it all night.
Okay, not really.  That would be a little creepy.  But if I did...
No one would have to know...

After I took the above pictures I opened it up and..

Frederick!  How did you get in there?!
What?  No one else has a rubber crab they keep around the house?
Okay, let's back up a bit...

A few months ago I purchased a recorder (the musical instrument) at
the dollar store for my roommate.  I mean, what good roommate doesn't do that?
So in return, she purchased me a crab that grows when its put in water.
And I named him Frederick.  If you know me, you know I name EVERYTHING.

Anyways, a game started between my roommate and I where we hide Frederick in
random places and wait for the other person to unexpectedly come across him.
Did I mention we're 3 years old?

Now that I've found Frederick it's time for me to hide him.
I can't wait until she finds him...Until then, Frederick will be in his hiding spot.

P.S. - My least favorite place I've stumbled upon Frederick?
Maddie's dog food bag...I thought it was a rat.  Eeeek!


  1. I am seriously in love with that pot! I have a couple of "off brand" enameled cast iron pots that I use all the time. I may have to find the nearest Marshall's and try to find one, too!

    We have Frederick's twin brother at our house. Jameson got it several months ago....he lives in a bucket of water in the kid's bathtub....for real! He's HUGE!

  2. That pot is beautiful!! I'm so jealous!! I might have to hit up marshall's asap. and i love that you and your roomie hide those back and forth.. sounds just like me and my roommate! haha

  3. This pot is really great and the colour just perfect! If I had a pot like that I would cook in it every day.
    The little crab is adorable too...Cute story,sweetie

    Ps: I hope you had a chance to enter my Giveaway!

  4. what a great piece for the kitchen. frederick is pretty awesome. isaiah has a blue hippo named cedric. i think the two of them would be friends!

  5. I love it!! I will be checking out my Marshall's for one of these! Love finding good deals there! My Marshall's had Uggs 2 weeks ago and I am telling you I think I squealed when I saw them!!

  6. LOL @ Frederick! How fun.. I love roommate pranks. :)

  7. well boo. we don't have a marshalls here! Frederick made me laugh though, so it's all good.

  8. Great story! We have a decorative soap that my MIL gave me. It's a starfish, but my hubby thinks it looks like a tarantula. I hide it random places for him to find. He hates it!

    I never want to be older than 3! ;)

  9. I cook everything in enamel cast iron pots. Love em! :)

  10. I love your blog! All your different types of posts wrap up the best of the blogging world into one very cute place. You've got a new fan :)

  11. Oh my gosh, this is too funny! My family has the same type of thing going...but it is a sock! My mom found a sock at her house that none of us would claim. So, when they came to my house for Christmas two years ago, they hid it in my Christmas tree and I didn't find it until I took it down. I then proceeded to fed ex the sock to them(oh, and we have made a face on the sock and every person adds something new to it). It has gone through everybody in the family and nobody knows who or when "the sock" is going to appear! Have fun with Frederick, it is so much fun to be silly :)

  12. ooo I am so jealous...I freakin' love Marshall's. And that idea of hiding Frederick is so cute! Maybe I'll try to convince my boyfriend to go along with an on-going hide and seek like that. I bet our cat would love it! ;)

  13. ooohhh. I love that little pot! What a great find!
    We had a hide and seek with some friends a few years ago and a pototo. Which got pretty stinky actually the longer we hid it. haha.

  14. Ha! In my house we have a severed head (Halloween decoration) that gets hidden in random places. Right now it's in my daughter's bed, waiting for her to get home from her dad's.

  15. That is awesome about the crab.


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