Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Skimp or Splurge: Gingham Shirt

I am dying to get my hands on a black and white gingham shirt.
It's so versatile - it can be worn with jeans, cords, high waisted skirts...
You name it and a sweet gingham button down can probably be paired with it ;)

Sooo I have for you today a skimp and a splurge...

The Splurge:

The Skimp:

There doesn't seem to be much of a difference between these two pretties.
Would you skimp or splurge?

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  1. I love them both...I would go for the one that has a nicer/softer fabric:)

  2. Hmmm... the shape of the j crew one looks SO much better to me. It would definitely look more flattering on. But 70 for a shirt? I can't do it. I'd end up going with the one from Forever 31.

  3. Hehe, I gave Forever a couple of birthdays... I mean't 21. :]

  4. i'm with mandy i like the shape of the jcrew but ouch on the price. love the plaid look this season.

  5. I would absolutely skimp here. They look almost identical!

  6. Kelley, I just tagged you with an award over on my blog! :]

  7. Okay I'm going to be the crazy one here and say I'd splurge! I love JCrew everything but I would wear the heck out of that button down to justify spending $70. I actually have the exact shirt in grey check.

  8. I would splurge, but I would wait for it to go on sale or use my frequent buyer coupon ;)

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