Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm going to live with Martha

After seeing these beautiful photos of Martha Stewart's kitchen I decided I'm going to live with Martha.

I'm sure she wouldn't mind an extra hand around to put dishes away.

I'd even clean her kitchen floors...if she'd let me...

That is if they even need cleaning (highly doubt it).

Maybe she'd let me clean her sink?

Or water her plants?

So, FYI Martha:  I'm on my way over.
I'm sure you'll have fresh baked pastries and homemade orange juice waiting for me ;)

I'll be attending the Medal of Honor Gala tomorrow with the boyfriend!
You know Sully the Hudson River pilot?  Yeah he'll be there!
I know, exciting right?!  I even have a new spiffy dress!
Hopefully we can take some good pictures so that I can share them with you :)

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!


  1. i'll see you there. i'll be fighting over who gets to put away those dishes :) cheers

  2. We could all dine together, non?

    You have a happy weekend too!


  3. Wow, how incredibly lovely! Of course everything is perfectly organized and just overall beautiful.


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