Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Fashion: Splurge or Skimp?

I was skimming through a magazine yesterday and saw a page called
"splurging and skimping" and I found myself asking:
"Since when was $250 for a pair of shoes considered skimping???"

Sooo I decided to put together two different versions of the same outfit.
The first is the expensive (well, expensive in my book) version and the second
version is the budget friendly version for all of us back here on planet earth!

And they are of course ready for fall :)

Here is the first:

1. Anthropologie Terrace House Jacket $128
2.  J. Crew Beaming Blossom Earrings $95
4.  Sense of Fashion Braided Hoops Leather Bracelet $75
5.  Current/Elliott The Roller low-rise cropped jeans $220
6.  Pour La Victoire Avalon $200

Total = $807 (YIKES!!!)

And here is the budget friendly option:

Total = $132.86 (woop!  woop!)

Thats a savings of $674.14!!

Ok, now the details on the budget outfit...
I kept the color scheme the same, but added a a bit of color with the blue blouse.
And if you'll notice, even though the jacket is now "leather" there's still a ruffle
on the collar!  Cute, huh?!  I kept the earrings as studs and in the flower category and
the bangle adds that bit of sparkle on your wrist!  And the shoes are nearly identical!
The jeans can be rolled up to look like the splurge jeans, too!

So, what do you think?  Would you splurge or skimp?


  1. Always skimping around here! I love the looks you put together! The second group is so affordable. I might have to make some purchases!

  2. oh totally skimp!! love this you should do one each week or something. i'm such a skimper...i'm embarrassed to say but i'm addicted to seven jeans, but i always buy them used on ebay. ha never paid over $30 for a pair yet. i only splurge on key pieces that i know will hold up.

  3. so lovely to find your blog via a comment on so chic. what a fantastic post. i am all about a forever 21 knockoff. absolutely great finds.

  4. Hey! I'm visiting from NFF at TGC!


  5. I would love to splurge - of course - but I'd skimp. The outfit is just as awesome.

  6. Well done! And I have those budget earrings, haha! Such a cute blog, Kelley! I'm adding you to my feed. <3


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