Friday, April 30, 2010

Decorating is in the Genes

I get my love for decorating honestly.
My mother and my grandmother and I are one in the
same when it comes to wanting our homes to look nice.

 While in my hometown of Marietta, GA last month
I took some pictures of my mother's home and
I must say - she has exquisite taste :)
These are of the master bedroom...

My mom started using the fireplace mantle as her
headboard long before it became "trendy".

Her home is full of earth tones, neutrals and TONS of antiques!
Very "home-y".

 (Just ignore Maddie in the bottom left corner!)
 My mom uses an old sewing table as her TV stand.

I've never understood people who decorate without
the "home" feel in mind.  Who wants to come home to
a space that feels...well...institutional?  Not I.
My mother's home is comfortable, classy & 
full of character.  Like every home should be :)
I plan on taking more pictures of my mom's home when
I see her next week - so be sure to check them out!
For now I will leave you with this picture
of my mom's dog Ranger...

AKA: Gene Simmons!
 Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. Love the bedroom, but I REALLY love Ranger!!

  2. What a great bedroom you have !!!

    Have a nive evening !! hugs from Ria

  3. Hi, Kelley, thanks for stopping by & leaving a note. So glad you found me too! And how fun that you are from Marietta too. I get back there often & will be going to see my mom for Mother's Day. Love to meet other AL girls, I'm so enjoying living over here in B'ham now. Please come & visit me again!

  4. Very cosy photos! By the way I love your ruffled shower curtain in an earlier post, it's exactly what I'm after!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier:-)


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