Thursday, April 29, 2010

California Momento

Just a little background...
I was born in Berkeley, California and lived in the Bay Area until age 12.  At that point my family and I moved to Atlanta, Georgia where the rest of my family lives and where my parents grew up.

After a long overdue visit to see some very close friends in Napa,
I wanted to give my mom something to remember our fun trip by!

Here are some of the pictures I included:

We took these pictures on the beach in Carmel -
our favorite vacation spot when I was little :)

Below is our view from our hotel room
during our stay in San Francisco...

You know we had to ride the cable car!

Here's one of the views from the ride...

What a fantastic trip!
And I think my mom enjoyed her memento :)

Tell me about a fun trip you've taken!
Where did you go?
What was your favorite part of your trip?


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