Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mini Bathroom Makeover!

It's the moment we've all
(or maybejust me)
have all been waiting for!

My mini bathroom makeover!

So, since I live in a rental I can't paint my walls.
But I can change others things...

Here are the before pictures:

Bluh. (Please disregard the wrinkles!)

Boring. Yawn.

Lifeless hand towels.

So, what did I do mix things up??

First, I bought some Krylon spray paint in white.
As my roommate and I say,
"It's Spring!  Spray painting season!"

I bought these shower hooks at T.J. Maxx for $5.

Then I took the mirrors from above my toilet
and spray painted those bad boys...

Ahh...Much better!

So are you ready to see the after pictures?

Much better!

I added a ruffle to the bottom of these $2.99 for
four white hand towels from Target.
(I'm still working on putting the ruffle on the bottom
of the $2.99 for two regular towels)

The monogrammed linens over the towels I purchased
at a local marketplace for $5 each a few months ago.

I picked these bottles up for $3 each when we visited
Carmel Beach back in February of this year.

I then picked up this iron garden tray
from Hobby Lobby for only $5!

I love birds.  Not in real life - just in pictures!
I picked up this print from an old
book in Monterey, CA for $6.

I had the frame sitting around the apartment...

And here is the finished product...

The ruffled shower curtain is from Bed Bath & Beyond.
My mom bought it for as part of my birthday present :)

Such a lighter and more "airy" place!

I'm in the midst of making over another room in
my apartment that I can't wait to share with all of you!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


  1. Wow Kelley! Your bathroom makeover is fantastic! Your accessories make a huge difference! I really love your shower curtain and the monogrammed linen! Just gorgeous, well done! xx

  2. Nice job! It looks so good! You really have a good eye for what looks good.

  3. So pretty! I love the layered towels and all the ruffles. Soothing...which is the perfect look for a bathroom!

  4. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments! I'm sure there's still a few things I'll tweak here and there, but I'm glad my bathroom finally feels calm and collected :)


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