Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Finds!

I promised I would show you the spectacular items
I found this weekend while visiting my mom!

We just happened upon this yard sale.
We could not have planned it any better.
It was more like the Six Flags of yard sales!

This is just part of the view of the boy scout yard sale...

It was really about 3 times the size of what you see in this picture!

Without further ado...
Here are my fantastic finds!

Sweet little cafe chair, you need some attention...
and I am here to give it to you!

I was totally drawn to this 70's style table...

There they are sitting side by was meant to be!
And at only $3 for the pair - they were mine!

Then we spotted this lovely side table.
It had a sticker on the bottom that read "Bombay Company"
and I remember that store being quite pricey!
Who couldn't use another side table?  I mean really...

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw this little beauty...

No rips or tears.
Just a few small stains that look like they could easily be taken care of.

I got the loveseat and the side table for $40.
I was "iffy" on the price at first, but then I thought
#1 - Where can you find a loveseat and table for $40?
#2 - It was for a good cause.  These boys would get to go to camp!

I also purchased an antique candelabra for $1.50!
But somehow do not have a picture of it...
Don't worry it needs some tending to as well
so you'll see it soon :)

So the grand total spent on all these items came to $44.50!
What a steal!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to their week!
Here's to hoping it flies by fast!

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  1. Hello Kelley.nice stuff.iám looking forward what you gonna do with it..............happy week hugs Ria

  2. You got some great finds! Can't wait to see how they turn out!

  3. Hey, Kelley! Yes, girl we were at the same sale! My parents lives just down the street from there & that is where I grew up. HOw funny you were there too. And what great things you found. I love that loveseat, what a steal!! I got several things from the sale for my room redo, along with that footed bowl.

    I was there around 1:30 or so, since I didn't get in until lunchtime. Had to eat fried chicken first & then took my niece & we stopped by the sale. Wish we could have met!

  4. You certainly found items with good bones to work with. The sale looks awesome.


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