Friday, May 28, 2010

My mother - the comedian

I just had to share this with you all...
My mother is quite funny.  Great sense of humor...

This is what she e-mailed me in response to my

Subject: Pink Depression Dishes

"I love collecting pink depression dishes. My daughter once made a comment when I came home from antiquing “Well, that’s what we needed… more pink dishes!” I think now she is of an age that she appreciates my love of collecting and knows that one day they will grace her china cabinet (that will be handed down from her grandmother!). Antique dishes, furniture, rugs, pictures (and on and on) always have a history to them. Part of the fascination is not knowing what that history is and imagining what it could be…
Love, Your Mom"

Have a wonderful Memorial Day everyone!

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  1. hahahah - I hate it when my blog bites me in the butt b/c something I've said to my mom comes back to haunt me!

    I've missed your blog, BTW - my work blocked ALL blogs - can you believe it? So I have a hard time writing mine and reading others'. Sad. :(


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