Monday, May 24, 2010

Retro Inspired Fans

I am really loving that retro inspired fans are making a comeback!

photo courtesy of Country Living

I just love their sleek, yet rustic look.
And I can't wait to find an antique one to call my own...

photo courtesy of Restoration Hardware

photo courtesy of Country Living

It adds a little something even when tucked in a corner...

photo courtesy of Country Living

I'm even liking this retro ceiling fan...
(we live in the South...we have to have a ceiling fan!)

photo courtesy of Restoration Hardware

A retro fan is something that is definitely on my
"look for" list when I'm out antiquing...and it will stay
on my list until I can find just the right one! :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their week!

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  1. Love these fans...especially the first photo!! Thanks fr following my blog! I love yours...your background is adorable.



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