Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Before & After Lamps!

After much thought I decided that my metal lamps
purchased at Old Time Pottery needed a face lift!

Here are the before pictures:

The metal was just a little too pewter looking for...

You'll first want to take the shades off the lamps.
Run a damp cloth over them first to get any dust off the lamp.
(There may be quite a bit if you haven't dusted in almost 3 weeks...)
Cover the tops of the lamps
and the cords with some plastic bags...
Look down and realize your dog has pushed the porch door open...
You'll want to prime them if they are metal.
It helps the spray paint adhere to the metal and last longer.

These are the spray paints I used...
Krylon White Primer and Krylon Brushed Metal in Nickel
Prime them...
Spray paint them your designated color.
Don't forget the little nobby-things that hold the shade on and...


Then sit back and relish in the delight that your
lamps finally look like how you want them to look!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
How many of you will be enjoying one of these tonight?


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  1. You are handy !! nice done .............hugs from Ria


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