Monday, February 14, 2011

Six Degrees of Separation

Shirt - Banana Republic
Cardigan - J. Crew
Jeans - American Eagle
Shoes - Target
Earrings - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

I'm going to tell you something...

I hate packing.

Right now, my life is packed up in boxes and I'm living off of frozen food and
whatever is left over in my pantry.  My clothes are separated into 5 different piles:

1.  Clothes for work
2.  Clothes for play
3.  Clothes for spring/summer
4.  Clothes that go to Goodwill
5.  Clothes that I can't part with but don't fit into any of the above categories

Now, onto the rest of the house.  I'm trying to view this as organizing and not packing.
If you don't hear from me for a few days its because I've accidently packed myself up
into a box and am unable to undo the packing tape.  Wish my luck people.  I'll need it :)


  1. Love the red cardigan with the leopard shoes. Good luck with the rest of your packing!

  2. Looking great as always! Good luck with the packing and moving. Its a pain, but when your all settled the feeling is amazing.

  3. Ruffle-y... very cute! And um, I'm jealous that you get to pack with sunshine.

  4. I love your leopard shoes! Also, I hate moving. Moving is the WORST except when you get where you're going and then it's the best. Be sure to keep your cell on you so you can call someone to let you out of the box... :)

  5. I love this outfit, everything about it... it totally put a smile on my face! Good luck with your packing!!

  6. love the shoes!!! and love your style!
    xoxo, ayan


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