Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dressed to the nines

Top - Vintage (thrifted)
Skirt - J. Crew (this was chosen in place of one of my dresses)
Shoes - Target
Necklace - No clue
Earrings - Belk

I don't have too much to talk about today.  I think my mind has officially turned off
due to all of the packing, organizing, separating, more packing, figuring out the living
situation, packing some more, stressing, coordinating and...did I mention packing?

I can't wait to show y'all the pictures of my new place in Montgomery though!  I am head
over heels for it.  I really can't wait to start decorating it and making it my own - or at
least half my own since I will have a roommate.  Hopefully once things settle down for me
I'll have more time to concentrate on some home decor projects and crafts  :)


  1. You look Beautiful! I love that your pearls are bold and pink!! So unique and fun.

  2. Those are some fantastic shoes! Cute blog!!

  3. Love this outfit. You look beautiful as always!

  4. Are the shoes from Target a recent purchase? Can I find them in stores now? sooooo cute!

  5. this. look. is. fantastic. I love it!

  6. So, I keep seeing you in these shoes and it made me decide that I have to have them!
    Target only has the leopard flats without peep toes now (so sad!) but they are 12.99 which is a great price! I love your peep toes..they are ultra cute but I may just settle for the regular leopard flats... =)
    Lookin' good girl!

  7. So cute. So so cute. That vintage blouse is amazing. That necklace is fab. And your hair is perfect. Oh and I went back to look at your photos just now, and your shoes are fantastic as well.

  8. You are dressed to the 9's in the greatest way. The color of that top looks killer on you.

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  10. you are so pretty! i love this remix, girl. let me know if you get sick of those shoes...they are fab!

  11. that blue blouse is perfect for your coloring! Love it on you :)

  12. I love this outfit. It's so simple but, perfect!

  13. Gorgeous! I love the colors and the super-chic silhouette of the outfit!


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