Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Double Doozy

Top - Old Navy
Jeans - American Eagle
Boots - Steve Madden
Scarf - Old Navy
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Dearest Winter,

I am getting tired of your shinanigans.  You make shaving my legs in the morning pointless
since by the time I get to my car I have chill bumps all over me.  In order to fully get over
your ridiculousness I am wearing spring colors.  That's right.  You can't stop me.  I refuse
to have you rain on my parade.  But if you do decide to rain, could we at least make it
during my non-photo shoot outside hours?  I really don't want a repeat of Tuesday.

Best Regards,
From, Kelley


  1. I love the pattern mixing of the gingham and the floral in the scarf.

  2. Oh, I love this! Bright colors + mixed patterns = :D

  3. You look so cute!! I love your shades and mixing patterns :)

  4. Your bright colors are making me feel more spring-y! Love the pattern mixing :)

  5. Love your sunglasses, wayfarers? I also really like the simple chicness of this outfit. The blue looks great on you.

  6. I just got that shirt from ON. It looks super cute on you. Can't wait to wear mine!

    I am with you regarding the weather. Today is the 3rd day of ice and below 20 degrees here in TX. I'm SO over it!

    ~ TCC

  7. HA, loving your letter!!! Thanks for making me smile today:)

  8. I also LOVE the floral check combination. I am with you on the weather. I live in Charleston! Its suppose to be warm.

  9. I agree - that is my new tactic as well: wear spring colors, and it will come.

    Also, I must have subconsciously remembered your outfit when I was getting dressed this morning as I ended up in something rather similar... We look rather cute, if I may say so myself.


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