Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One in a million (or 30)

Top - Gap
Skirt - Belk
Heels - Me Too via Marshall's
Tights - Hue
Necklace - Purchased on a trip to Venice, Italy

I am so excited about this 30 for 30!  This will be my second one and I feel like
I'm more prepared for this one.  Like I'm ready to take more chances with my
remixes.  I'm ready to mix patterns and colors like I never have before!  Okay,
I think I'm getting a little carried away.  Anyways, since it was pouring rain today
I took my pictures under the awning at work.  Where everyone could pass by me.
And I've gotten to the point that if people want to stare at me taking pictures, well,
that's fine with me.  They're just jealous of my fantastic floral skirt.  As they should be ;)


  1. That is one fantastic skirt! And props to you for taking pictures at work. I tried that today and almost got attacked by a panhandler.

  2. That skirt is gorge! And I'm impressed by anyone who does the 30 for 30 - maybe one of these days I'll work up enough courage to try it myself!

  3. you are ADORABLE! I love that skirt!

  4. Love this outfit, especially the skirt. Cute as always! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

  5. I cant't wait to see all the combos you come up with, I'm sure they'll be adventurous and awesome :)

  6. Love the winter floral. Can't wait to see all your fab remixes.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  7. Super cute! I love the large floral print on your skirt!

  8. what a darling outfit, looks like you are gearing up for spring! good luck on your 30 for 30! i'm having a give away if you have time to stop by: http://oceandreams4sierra.blogspot.com/2011/01/giveaway-apothicacom-50-gift-card.html

  9. You look adorable, I love this entire look! Exited to see your next look happy remixing!


  10. I love your attitude on picture taking in public places...I need to be more like you!

  11. You have such a flair for fashion! I *love* your skirt :) Now, if only it felt as springy here as you look....

  12. Love it. I wish I was bold enough for 30 for 30. Maybe once I lose 30! Always fantastic combinations.

  13. This is my first 30/30 so I would love getting advice from a experienced player. I love skirt and your picks are great. I became a follower and possibly a stalker.

    Feel free to follow too, or not whatever no pressure :)

  14. I love your first outfit. Very classy. I actually have that top, it was a brief candidate for my 30 for 30, but didn't make the cut. I'll be excited to see how you remix it over the next month.


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