Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just like butter

I was totally not expecting to take any type of hiatus this past week.
This is what happens when your mother tells you she has wifi, but the only
computer that will actually connect to her wifi is her laptop.  Odd.  Very odd.
Don't worry, I won't let this happen again ;)

I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with old & new memories.
And since it actually felt like winter today here, I thought I would share with you
a product I use to keep my hair from becoming dry and damaged during these cold months.

Redken Butter Treat is uh-mazing!
It's a conditioning treatment you use on your hair after you've shampooed.
What I like to do is shampoo my hair, then I get out of the shower and towel
dry my hair.  I work a small amount of the Butter Treat into my hair and comb it through.
I leave it on for 15 minutes, then hop back in the shower and rinse it out.

Ta-da!  Your hair will be silky smooth and hydrated!  You can thank me later :)
I only use it about once per month so it can last for a good bit.
I found mine here, but I'm sure they carry it at some grocery stores, too.
And the best part is I found a mini-version of it that was only $3 bucks.

I'm going to be posting some recipes from my Thanksgiving that I haven't shared before.
Get excited because all of them are family recipes that we enjoy year round!


  1. Hmmm may have to try this. I love your little side braid and I had no idea you had curly hair like me. Maybe you can show how you straighten it as well. mine always looks too flat and I can't get it stick straight except at the top w/o using a flat iron.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. happy belated thanksgiving!! and that stuff is amazing and smells so good too!

  3. Lovely tip. My naturally curly hair is always parched, so I need to look into this :) Also going to test out/then write a review on organic hair/skin care. Hard to find the good stuff!

  4. oooh thanks for the tip. i'll keep an eye out for this stuff. looking forward to the recipes.


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