Friday, November 5, 2010


Guess what?
I was one of the lucky winners of the Picky-Palate giveaway
for a set of cookware from Better Homes & Garden!!!
Take a look at what I won:

Isn't that crazy?!?!
After the day I had yesterday this was the perfect pick-me-up :)
If you've never visited Jenny over at Picky Palate you need to
stop by and say hello!  Her recipes are delicious!
And I know I've been a little MIA recently...and I'm sorry!
Things at work are crazy - who knew I would have so many November events?!
But no worries, I will be posting something fantastic soon!

Also, if you receive my blog via RSS feed or e-mail
you should become a google connect follower!
Once I reach 300 followers I'm having a FABULOUS giveaway!!!

I can't believe the sudden chilly weather we're having here!
What's the weather like for y'all?
I hope each of you has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Congrats!!! That is so fantastic. Can't wait to see all the yummy dishes you cook up for us in that cookware!

  2. wow that is fantastic! how fun.

    okay i'm an official follower now since i had you on my rss feed before :)

    and yes this weather really turned chilly fast!

  3. Oooo lucky girl! I feel like you need to do a lot of cooking this weekend, to break in all your new pots. This is my first here, and you literally had me laughing at your Frederick post. Okay, it was your new blue cookware post, but Frederick totally stole the show.

    have a great weekend!

    xoxo, Ashley

  4. So excited for you! I don't cook that much, but perhaps I would if I won that cookware. ;)

  5. P.S. I thought I was already following on the blog, but I wasn't ... NOW I'm following!


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