Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Six reasons I'm looking forward to Fall

Ok, I know I've been a bit MIA lately and I'm sorry!
Things have been really busy and this weekend I was out of town.
I promise you I am working on some projects that will be revealed soon!

This past week it has been so hot here all I can think about is the leaves
turning colors and the sweet smell of college football in the air :)
So, here are 6 reasons I'm looking forward to Fall:

1.  College Football - I attended the University of Alabama.  We eat, breath and
bleed football down here.  I am counting down the days until that first glass of
whiskey on a brisk fall night and the sweet sound of "ROLLLLLLL TIIIIIIIIDE!!!!"

2.  The General Election for Governor - I know you may be saying "Uhh, why?".
My boyfriend works for one of the gubernatorial candidates for governor of
the state of Alabama.  So needless to say, our future basically lies in the voters hands :)

3.  Vacation - Not sure where we're going, but my mom and I have been talking about
taking a little vacay in the fall.  Hmmm, maybe we will be headed here?

or perhaps here?

4.  Boots - I love wearing boots!  I have these Steve Madden boots in black and this tan:

5.  Cooler Weather - I know I complain constantly when it is 3 degrees F outside,
but goodness gracious it is hot as a firecracker right now!
This humidity always get me!  A breezy 70 degrees would be fantastic :)

6.  The Autumn Harvest - Eggplants!  Winter squash!  Pumpkins! Oh my!
Not to mention sweet potatoes, apples and cranberries.  Yum!

Are there any reasons you're looking forward to Autumn?
Any fun plans you're looking forward to?


  1. Roll Tide! Thanks for the reminder that fall is great too!

  2. i'm torn i do love fall, but i'm such a summer girl. a change is nice though. i'm ready to get my mail without breaking a sweat too. great list.


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