Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Wedding: First Look + Bridal Party

I have to say my favorite part of the day was taking pictures at our reception site.  We headed to
the Wynfield Estate in Montgomery, Alabama to have our "first look" and snap some day time photos.

Take a look...

All photos courtest of our fabulous photographer Colin Peterson.

Okay, and apparently "a few photos" to me means "more than you'd ever want to see" :)
The last batch of wedding photos will be  some of the ceremony + reception.  I'll post those soon!

Until then, have a happy weekend!


  1. your photos are SO beautiful!! Congratulations, Kelly! I hope it was your dream come true!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! It looks like a dream of a day! Hope you are enjoying married life!

  3. Photos are beautiful, your dress was amazing, but what really strikes me in these pictures are how fricken happy you look in everyone. That REAL happiness, the kind you can't fake for a photo no matter what. And THAT is what marriage is all about. Congratulations!


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