Monday, March 28, 2011

Bundles of Joy

With one of my dearest friends carrying a little bun in the oven, I can't help but have
nurseries on my mind.  I mean, decorating & babies?  Somebody help me now.

I know that she will want to keep the nursery a gender-neutral space - see I know
you all to well Katie!  And the great thing about nurseries (or any space for that matter)
is that there are so many things you can do yourself to personalize the space.
So, here are a few nurseries I thought would be right up her (and my) alley...

all images via domino magazine

My favorite is the last image - swoon!  Would you decorate your baby nursery
according to the gender of the child?  Or would you go a more modern route
and make the space a gender neutral nook for your little nugget?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  We spent ours in the boyfriend's
hometown attending the wedding shower of one of his dear friends.  I think
every time we turn around we have another friend getting married or engaged.
Here's to wedding season being in full swing!


  1. I am dying over these! I want the first one to be my room. Wait, I'm not a baby. Is that still okay? :)

  2. I love these images! I love the idea of a striped ceiling in contrast to a darker wall. I have lots of ideas about a nursery and one of my favorites is actually to prep it to be a playroom with wall murals like a jungle, a castle, the ocean, etc, that will lend itself to playing pretend later on. I think that's a neat, personalized idea! But I'm definitely gender neutral on the whole. A girl can adventure just as well as any little dude!

  3. Awesome nursery blog


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