Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Summer Picnik

So, if you have spare time on your hands...or if you don't but like to waste time like me :)
You should check out Picnik!  Believe me you can spend hours on their website adding text, colors and do-dads to your photos!

Here are a few photos I edited in Picnik:

You can see I rounded the picture's edges and added some text!

And here I made it look like a polaroid picture and added some text to this one, too!

How sweet is that little man?!?!?!

And here...Well, here I got a little carried away...I mean, say me and Mr. EO went to the beach...

And brought our dog Maddie.  And magically Mr. EO had a bone for her.
And the sun was shining.  And there were aqua colored clouds.
It could happen.  Right?  Well, on Picnik it can!  (Was that too infomercial-y?)

Soon, I'll be so addicted all my pictures will be edited in Picnik!  Lucky you :)
So, try it out and let me know what you think!  I'd love see your pictures done with Picnik!

One more day until the weekend!  Wahoo!  Even though I have to work Sunday...
Yep, Jewel is in town so I will be at her (rather her tour manager's) beckon call.
Oh, the life of an event coordinator :)

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