Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Gold Elephant

Happy Monday!  These metallic toy animals have been making their way around the blogosphere and I couldn't pass up making one for our bookcase when I saw this gray toy elephant (Roll Tide!) in the checkout aisle at Joann's...

It seemed like an easy project (and it is!), so I scooped up my supplies and went to town!

Here's what you'll need:

  • 1 plastic toy animal
  • white primer spray paint
  • metallic gold spray paint
  • clear acrylic sealer


Begin by priming the toy on all sides.  I found it best to put the toy on its back and spray with primer.  Then once that has dried, turn the toy on one side, then the other and finally place it in the standing position making sure that it is dry in between movements.  Once you have done one coat of primer, repeat the previous steps with a second coat of primer.

Repeat the application process with the gold spray paint, doing two coats.

Repeat the application process with the clear acrylic sealer, doing just one coat.  Let it dry completely and you're done!

I'm sure this sweet little elephant will enjoy moving around the house every month when I compulsively redecorate.  He looks like the type that likes to travel.

Here's to hoping this week isn't as hectic as last week!

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  1. This morning I curated a "DIY Ceramic Animal Hall of Fame" collection (obviously, just my humble opinions) and this made the list! Obviously, not everything on the list is very “ceramic-y” but they are all adorable. Your elephant is a Pinterest favorite I know, and is so regal looking! The post is here:


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