Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Girls Weekend

Since the husband was out of town this weekend on a bachelor trip for a good friend, it was the perfect opportunity for a girls weekend with my mom!  My mom came in town on Friday and Saturday we decided the hit up a few antique stores/flea markets in the area.  The first one we ventured to was one I had been hearing about for some time now - Prattville Pickers.  It is 98,000 square feet and they have an auction house within it as well.  I'm going to go ahead and say it was a huge disappointment.  Everything was highly over priced and there was a lot of, um...junk.  I did happen to snap a few pictures while we were browsing...

This bizarre print (not an original) was $85...

This lovely monkey/candle holder/book end (?) was "unique" and therefore they were asking nearly $200 for it.  I wish they had two {enter sarcasm here}.

The aisles within the shops were so crowded with (pardon my french) crap that you could hardly walk in them...

A view of the furniture area...

Now, there were a few items that I really thought were lovely minus the price tags...this trunk was going for $700...

I don't remember what this fan was going for, but I do remember it was more than I wanted to pay ;)

This was actually the only piece that was low in price - it was going for only $40!  Too bad I didn't need a new desk!

Loved these old shutters, but at $600 I couldn't see the husband being very happy with me :)

After we left Prattville Pickers with our heads down and tears welling up in our eyes, we decided to head to my go-to antique store Eastbrook Flea Market.  This place is great!  They have everything under the sun and their price points are excellent.  I didn't take many pictures, but I did see a lot of fiesta ware and thought of my sweet friend Sheila over at The Adventures of Ordy and Joon!

Now, for the creme de la creme.  While piddling along in the main furniture booths I spotted a dresser.  I thought it had great potential and just needed a little loving. {TIP: Please do not spend a ton on a piece of furniture you don't plan on keeping exactly as it is!  Moving on...} So I took a peek at the price tag and noticed it had been marked down from its $110 price tag to $50!!!  I immediately set my sights on it - but told my mom that we should walk around the store a bit more and if it is still here once we are done then it could be mine.  And it was :)

I am so excited and happy about the new piece!  It's in the living room right acting as our TV console.  I'm going back and forth on if I want to restore it and keep it its natural wood or paint it.  What would you suggest?  If you painted it, what color would you paint it?


  1. you should so do one of those annie sloan chalk paints! I've been wanting to do a white-wash on something so you can still see the grain. It's so pretty, but I have to find the furniture first!

    Here's what I want to do:

  2. I love all the fiesta ware! And thats an awesome dresser!



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