Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Just a few things I've been up to lately (other than planning a wedding in 4 months)...

I've been seeing sweet friends + celebrating my friends Katie and Rory's first wee one!
I can't wait to meet the little guy (yep it's a boy!) and spoil him rotten :)

Enjoying a nice evening thunder storm...

Sipping a prickly pear margarita - helloooooo delicious!

I've been taking pictures of creepy men who wear shirts with kidney beans on them.
Side Note: After one or two margaritas I may or may not have yelled at spoken to this
nice gentleman and informed him that he indeed did have beans on his shirt.

We rode on a boat!  And continuously kept yelling "I'm on a BOAT!!"
Notice the fiance's muscle man pose - Can someone point me in the direction of the gun show?

There's more where that came from people.  Don't you worry your pretty little head.
What have y'all been up to lately?  Any fun summer travel plans?

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Favorite Salad

Wow!  The past month has been a wee bit crazy!
But more on that later ;)

I wanted to share with you my favorite salad - and what's even greater is that it only has 4 ingredients.

Here is what you will need:

Mixed baby greens
Goat cheese
Dried cranberries


Place mixed greens in a plate or bowl.  Top with goat cheese crumbles and dried cranberries.
Add a little bit of Brianna's dressing on top and you have a wonderful side salad.
You can even add some grilled chicken or shrimp on top to make it a complete meal!

Or pair it with a small tenderloin filet...

Recipe for the steak to come :)