Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding Festivities

Let me first start by saying THANK YOU to everyone for the sweet words of congratulations
on mine and the fiance's engagement!  Wedding planning is in full swing!  As you can imagine ;)

Earlier this month we had a wedding shower in my hometown of Marietta, Georgia!
It was thrown by two of my dearest friends from high school and it was a blast!
Here are a few pictures from the wonderful wedding shower...

It was so much fun seeing everyone and celebrating our upcoming nuptials!
Oh, and take a look at this beautiful painting my friend Katherine painted for us..

We love it!  I have a few different ideas of where to hang it in our home and will
update everyone with where its new home is as soon as it finds its little nook.

We had another wedding shower this past week and I can't wait to show you the details!
Happy Monday everyone! :)


  1. how wonderful! gotta love celebrating love! congratulations!

  2. SO GLAD you enjoyed your shower! Such cute and amazing stuff! :) :)

  3. hooray for wedding festivities! let me know if you need some wedding invitations designed! ;)


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