Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Zara Wish List: Shoes

Dear Zara,

Please bring a store to Montgomery.  Or at least to Birmingham so I can drive there.
And buy these shoes.  All of them.  Thank you.

Love, Kelley

And here are the shoes:
1          2          3          4          5          6

See?  I need them.  You need them, too?  I thought so.
Zara, please get an online store.  Pretty Please?


  1. I wish Zara would get an online store too, every time I get on their website I die a little because I can't buy any of their clothes.

  2. Oh, I love #s 3 & 5!!! I wish there was a Zara near me as well.

  3. There's a Zara in Lenox Mall in Atlanta! Only a 2 hour drive from Montgomery

  4. hey girl i hope you are okay after all the storms. we are good on this end, but i know there were several tornadoes north of birmingham.


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